Hi there!

Thanks for finding me…

I am a compulsive idea person.  At least once a day, I will see something and think, “I could make that!” or “I’m sure I can use that for something interesting!” or, “That would be ever better if you did [fill in the blank]!”  Sometimes I will actually do something with the idea; mostly I don’t and then a year later I will see someone else has put that same idea into action, and get irritated.  I’m always sure I could have made a million dollars with that idea and been retired by now.

So, I will be documenting some of the things I actually follow through on.  I don’t promise it will be pretty.   I don’t promise the ideas will be good ones.  It might be mildly entertaining.  Though I don’t promise that either.

Enjoy.  Or not.

In the meantime, feel free to check out my Etsy shop at http://etsy.shannonkcomins.com, where I have a line of Limited Edition prints and hope to be including some of the stuff that looked good outside my head.

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