Halloween party invitations – ever so much more fun than something in an envelope!

Don’t you just love gettingmail that is NOT in a flat envelope (how boring)?

Halloween Invitation - Invitation Text

I made these invitations for a family Halloween party.  I bought foam pumpkins at the dollar store (I didn’t know if there were laws about sending fresh pumpkins, though I really wanted to give it a try!), and used a really basic template to help line up the invitation wording and the placement of the mailing address (I’ve blurred out the names/addresses to protect the innocent).

Halloween Party – Invitation Wording

They were a little time consuming, and cost less than three dollars each to make (this includes the shipping).

The look on the postal employee’s face when I dropped an armload of pumpkins on the counter in front of him was one of my favorite parts.  And, btw, when I asked?  They said I could have mailed real pumpkins as well.  Good to know!

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GarySeptember 21st, 2012 at 1:05 pm

Very creative idea. I especially like the BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin)!

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